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Prevalence of PC (?)

2017:14,695 patients, equal to less than 1% of all cancer.
45% males.  
58% patients are within two years of diagnosis and only 26% over 5 years.1

Incidence of PC (?)

2017: Approximately 13,700 new cases are expected, about 3% of all cancers occurring between males and females.1

Mortality rate of PC (?)

Male and Female: 91.9%2

Age profile of patients

Elderly (over 75 years old): pancreatic cancer is very rare among people under 40 years of age.3

Public campaign to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer, its signs and symptoms in your country? (past or present)

No organized national campaigns. Private no profit organizations are currently working on raising public awareness on PC.4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9